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What Our Patients Like Most About Our Pharmacy

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"Fast, friendly."

"A fantastic old school pharmacy that delivers. Does compounding for kids and pets. The best, most trustworthy and responsible pharmacy. They will have or quickly get any medication to you. I can't recommend Cherry's more highly."

"As a long-time Duane Reade pharmacy picker-upper, I can't believe I stayed there so long. They rarely had my prescription and usually never had enough of it when they did. Enter Cherry's Pharmacy. Having 2 kids and insufferable strep throat infections every winter, they come to my rescue every time. As soon as my kids' doctor calls it in to them, they have it ready in 5 minutes upon picking it up. I feel like everyone there treats my kids like theirs and I am now a Cherry's loyal customer for life. Not going anywhere else. Ever."

"Cherry's has absolutely changed my life!!!!! No more dealing with big box incompetency and long wait times. They take phone scripts and deliver. They will even Uber your meds if time is of the essence. Cannot recommend them highly enough."

"Amazing pharmacy on UES. Fast service and friendly staffs. They offer delivery at no charge. Piece of gem. Highly recommend them!"

"I just wanted to highlight the professionalism of this pharmacy. When it comes to your children's health, they really are the best in town! They have all the liquid antibiotics available and all children medications in a general manner. They offer a large choice of flavors and they are always giving great counseling with any question. Also I like the fact that they follow-up on refill requests or prior authorizations with doctors. They always call when there is a problem whether with the insurance or a high copay or even the availability of a drug. That is great customer service that many pharmacies don't have. Dear Cherry's pharmacy, you really are one of a kind!"

"I spoke with the owner, pharmacist who assured me that unlike CVS who had not been able to deliver as promised, this was a drug he could supply. When I told him how much less CVS was he agreed to price match it. This is a very expensive pill so this was very appreciated. I also appreciate their reminder call for refills. This is a small neighborhood pharmacy but a very caring one and I highly would recommend any one who needs that special touch in filling their prescription."

"Hands down the best pharmacy in New York. Cherry's employees are always extremely pleasant on the phone and helpful beyond compare. They always deliver my medication on time. I never have to wait or call multiple times to check up on them. I highly recommend them!"

"How great is it to have a 'neighborhood' pharmacy that cares? Can't say enough good about these guys. Went there originally for the kids and now go there for everything. Prices are the same as any of the big drugstore chains and the friendly, personal service can't be beat! Highly recommend!!!!"

"I can't say enough good things about Cherry's. We had to get a prescription filled at Duane Reade, and after waiting for almost an hour and a half, they a) lost the original prescription, b) messed up the prescription coverage, and c) didn't have eardrops for swimmer's ear in stock, and weren't going to have it for another two days. My daughter was going out of town early the next morning. Our doctors office called in the prescription to Cherry's at 5:15, and they called me 5 minutes later to ask (so nicely, I might add) where to deliver it and get our insurance info. An hour later, the medicine was at our apartment door, delivered with a smile by a friendly delivery person. They saved the day, and their customer service was fantastic. Excellent, excellent pharmacy!!!"

"It is marketed as catering to children's needs but it the best to place to go if you need a compounded medication. I found them in a desperate search to fill a number of prescriptions from my dermatologist. Other pharmacies couldn't even understand the script. Cherry's had no trouble filling the prescriptions!"

"Nice pharmacists; although they cater to children, they were also the only local pharmacy that could do a compounded medication (e.g., a mixed ointment) that Duane Reade and CVS could not do."

"If you're a parent, look no further than Cherry's for anything medical you might need for your children. Their prices might be a little higher than your local Duane Reade (we know how helpful employees can be at Duane Reade), but the pharmacist has excellent advice and was extremely helpful. They're well-stocked with lots of things, can fill prescriptions, and also deliver if you need it."

"It’s my go to pharmacy - they will always understand and do what they promised and deliver."

"A French-speaking pharmacy in New York! While on vacation for 3 weeks in New York, my husband had not taken enough of a medicine indispensable to his health! A relief for me for finding a French speaking pharmacist. Mr. Charles was able to help us! Thanks to him for his welcome and understanding!"

"This is hands down the best pharmacy in the area whether you are picking up medication for your child or for yourself. The process of filling prescriptions in Manhattan can be such an ordeal, but this is never the case at Cherry’s. The service here is exceptionally quick, and my scripts are sometimes filled within five minutes when I choose to wait for them. There is always the option of home delivery, and if any medication is not in stock, it is always available early the following day. Charles, the owner, is incredibly passionate about what he does, and I truly appreciate his professionalism and thoughtfulness when it comes to his customers. I am also always impressed by Mike, whose personable demeanor and knowledge allow him to continually provide customers with service that is second to none. I cannot say enough good things about this pharmacy and all of the staff who work here and would recommend Cherry’s without hesitation to anyone!"

"As a mom and a doctor, I highly recommend this pharmacy. My preschooler had the flu. We lost a dose because he spit it up. I called Cherry’s when I realized we were going to run out before he had finished the course, and they sent me the amount I needed free of charge, in the middle of a snowstorm! Everyone there is incredibly kind and knowledgeable."

"Very friendly people. The prices are very fair considering the upper east side location. The location is great and the store hours work well for people's schedule. Staff knows the importance of customer service and a smile!"

"It's a good pharmacy."

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